Human Performance Research

The BioFusion PSM offers significant benefits to life sciences and human performance reseachers offering the ability to collect large physiological data sets across multiple subjects for extended periods of time. The proprietary multi-parameter sensor technology delivers a range of high quality measures in an extremely compact wearable device that replaces mutiple pieces of lab equipment.

Industrial Life Safety

Monitoring operator vital signs in industrial applications is a key element of an effective life safety program. Heat stress impairs mental function and alertness, motor control and physical performance which dramatically increases the potential for workplace accidents. BioFusion PSM provides an effective tool to ensure optimal operator performance and to prevent potentially life threatening workplace injuries in underground mines, steel mills and other hazardous environments. The robust design is intended for operation in demanding environments with extended operating temperatures and water and dust protection.

Mission Critical

Soldiers, firefighters and other first responders put their lives on the line on a daily basis often under extremely dangerous and demanding environmental conditions. Maintenance of adequate hydration levels is a key challenge in these instances. BioFusion’s real-time skin temperature and hydration monitoring capabilities can deliver actionable physiological intelligence to alert squad leaders and commanders to potentially dangerous situations in training and operational activities

Mobile Healthcare

In an era of rising demand for health care services and the need to control costs, health care providers can deliver better patient outcome, increase case loads and reduce costs by deploying BioFusion devices for outpatient telehealth monitoring. BioFusion’s wide range of parameters including high quality ECG, respiration, hydration and skin temperature will be ideally suited to monitoring patients with common chronic diseases including congestive heart failure, diabetes and sleep apnea.

Athletic Training

The BioFusion provides both the elite and recreational athlete with a powerful training aid providing key performance data to optimize training programs as well as to alert to signs of fatigue, dehydration and potentially dangerous issues.