BioFusion PSM

The BioFusionTM physiology status monitor (PSM) is a compact wearable non-invasive sensor platform that delivers unparalleled performance in monitoring, collecting and reporting critical information on human performance and health parameters in real-life situations and settings.

Similar in size and ease of use to a personal heart- rate monitor, the BioFusion™ provides an integrated acquisition and analysis platform that is easily self-administered for reliable and unobtrusive monitoring, anywhere, anytime, thereby opening up many important and previously unattainable applications in highly ambulatory conditions and harsh environments.

Unskilled personnel can use the ensemble of sensors and interpretive software easily in the field, yet provide accuracy and reliability previously achievable only with expert supervision in a controlled clinical lab and hospital settings, and thus enabling new exploration opportunities.

The BioFusion platform offers a complete suite of important parameters with medical-grade accuracy using Biopeak’s safe, non-invasive sensors. Superior multi-parameter electrodes offer excellent motion and noise immunity to ensure the highest quality data collection while reducing the need for and cost of employing multiple devices. Parameters include ECG waveform; dual sub-surface skin temperature; multi-frequency bio-impedance, galvanic skin response and 3D accelerometer.

The power of the BioFusion resides in the ability to collect, analyse and correlate a vast amount of detailed physiological data in both real-time monitoring and retrospective analytical applications. To ease analysis, all measured parameters in the BioFusion analytical framework are fully disclosed, time-aligned with quality levels and many highly useful parameters derived from the measured signals are included. The depth of data also enables synthesis of multiple measures into key composite index or wellness measures which provide an instantaneous assessment of human condition and enable alerting based on trigger rules and conditions. This extremely useful feature can open up a wealth of important monitoring applications such as heat stress, chronic stress, radiation effects, fitness applications and many others.

BioFusion software allows users to view and analyze the collected data and derived parameters. Using a server based approach data access is possible from virtually anywhere using a web browser. The support of industry standard networking and data standards allows for integration into a wide variety of data analysis applications.