Key Features

Multi-Parameter Electrodes

Active multi-parameter electrodes offer highest quality data in full disclosure. Integrated motion and sophisticated noise reduction features

Gel-Free Sensors

Easy to use dry-contact sensors are rugged and comfortable for long-term non-irritating use

High Quality Ambulatory ECG

BioFusion ECG offers performance equal to gel electrodes and provides HR, RR, HRV, QRS, QT & ST measures

Multi-Frequency BIA

High sensitivity bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) enables complex impedance measurements and sophisticated bio-physiological derivations

Wireless Networking

Integrated Bluetooth radio enables remote monitoring and centralized collection and retrospective analysis

Powerful Embedded Processor

High performance embedded processor supports a range of real-time alerts and analysis applications

Rugged Design

Engineered for use in demanding environmental applications

Standards Based

Easily integrates with 3rd party applications