Value Proposition

Physiology monitoring has been a complex process requiring multiple pieces of expensive and often bulky specialized equipment. Data collection is often confined to laboratory or healthcare facilities and, in instances of ambulatory applications, limited in the richness of data collection, uncomfortable and restricting for the subject, and prone to errors. Biopeak`s solution eliminates these shortcomings by enabling the capability of anywhere, anytime monitoring. BioFusionTM physiology status monitor dramatically reduce the costs and complexity of human performance monitoring and enable the collection of the highest quality real-time vital signs information in real-life situations and settings previously not possible. BioFusionTM PSM delivers important end user benefits

Single Integrated Unit

The BioFusionTM replaces multiple pieces of monitoring equipment which dramatically reduces the costs of collecting real-time physiology data. Compact yet extremely powerful, the BioFusionTM offers the capabilities of a holter monitor, bio-impedance analyzer, respirometer and accelerometer in a single solution. Replacing these capabilities with individual devices would cost thousands of dollars and result in significant increases in set-up and data management costs.

Unparalleled Mobility

The unparalleled mobility and ruggedness offered by the wearable unit enables long-term data collection in real-life applications outside of a lab or clinic environment. The wireless design facilitates remote monitoring and centralized collection and post-analysis. The unit is built to withstand harsh or extreme environmental conditions (temperature, shock and vibration, water and dust ingress) required of military, first responder and industrial users.

Highest Quality Physiology Data

The breadth and richness of parameters measured enables highly sophisticated human performance research and safety applications. The device offers the highest quality ambulatory ECG and delivers the only truly ambulatory, wireless multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) available on the market today. This breadth of parameters enables detailed analysis of human performance variables as well as correlation and synthesis of multiple measures into sophisticated health and wellness indices.

Simple to Use and Reliable Operation The ease of use and operational simplicity of the BioFusion unit dramatically streamlines the data collection process and allows for everyday use with minimal training on the part of users. This is an extremely important function which enables a number of ambulatory applications by non-technical staff and patients and reduces possibilities for gaps or errors in data collection.