About BioPeak

Biopeak Corporation develops wearable wireless multi-parameter physiology monitors that measure and record critical vital signs and human performance data. Our devices enable a new generation of medical, athletics and life safety applications which remove the barriers of distance and extend vital sign monitoring to any setting imaginable.

Biopeak’s product platform, the BioFusion physiology status monitor, integrates advanced bio-sensors, sophisticated signal processing algorithms and wireless network technologies into a compact wearable unit, which delivers critical improvements over traditional physiology monitoring systems in terms of size, cost and ease of use. The Company’s proprietary intellectual property enable users to monitor a much broader range of physiological parameters and produce higher quality data, thereby enabling increasingly sophisticated monitoring applications.

The Company’s products address a need for cost effective and simple to use solutions in a rapidly expanding market for multi-parameter physiology status monitoring. Industry analysts forecast that the installed base of machine to machine (M2M) connected devices within the healthcare sector will exceed 774 million by 2020 with an annual device market valued at $40B[i].

The Company’s product development, marketing and sales efforts address a number of high-value ambulatory monitoring applications in the laboratory research, military & first responder, sports & fitness, healthcare and industrial health & safety markets.

The Company has assembled a strong management team with collectively more than 100 years’ experience in research and development, new product introduction, operations, and sales, marketing and business development.


  [i] Machina Research, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication in Healthcare 2010-20, 2011